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Hailstorm Car Damage
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Our Certified Paintless Dent Repair Technicians are located in Cape Coral serving Lee County and the surrounding counties in Southwest Florida with dent removal. Our team also offers National hail damage repair. Call 239-687-6553.

Factory Finish Smart Repair is a professional full auto repair service located in Cape Coral, FL. After more than 25 years of expereince, performing paintless dent repair all over the world, it is time for Lee County and Southwest Florida to benifit from Factory Finish’s Smart Repair serivce. They specialize in repairing automotive dents, door dings, minor body damage, hail damage through paintless dent repair methods. Thier technicians also offer collision repair, full body work, and paint chip repair on all makes and models. Their team even works with all insurance companies, making the repair process easy from start to finish.

Along with working directly with their individual customers, Factory Finish also extends to body shops, dealerships, fleets, and rental car companies. The mission alwasy remains to same, to exceed customers expectations and to give your vehicle that factory finish look. Call 239-687-6553 today for your free estimate.

Factory Finish Smart Repair also specializes in paint services, bumper repairs, touch ups, and smart repair. Our technicians use PPG Water Based Paints including PPG ENVIROBASE with the best color matching in the industry. Learn more here.

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digital invoicing

All of Factory Finish Smart Repair’s estimates and invoices are determined with a specialty paintless dent repair program. This software configures parts and labor for the most accurate estimate.

Master PDR Technician

Master Technicians

Our highly skilled technicians are PDR certified and will complete your auto hail damage, dents and dings, or minor body damage repair services.
Dent Removal

claim management

Factory Finish Smart Repair will handle your claim from start to finish. Whether it’s one vehicle or an entire fleet, our experts are at your disposal.

Mobile Dent Repair

Auto Body Smart Repair

Factory Finish Smart Repair is truely your one stop shop. Their master technitions bring to you a service like no other! Precise paintless dent repair, large collision work, and even paint service work together for that factory finish look.

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4Repairs Are

From the initial claim to the completion of repair work, we aim to speed up the entire process of our paintless dent repair and Smart Repair services. Our highly qualified technicians are master certified using the techniques as well as equipment and tools that have been proven of the highest quality to repair your vehicle. Most repairs can be done the same day with very little downtime on your part. We work with all insurance companies making your experience with us as effortless as possible. Our approach is hassle-free to your dent repair!

Our Master Technicians Save You Time & Money.

What Our Clients Say

“I cannot say how impressed we are with the results of the work they did on my new car. Someone really got the side of it and left a noticeable and deep ding. After speaking with Keith I did not call anyone else as I knew he was serious about his work and it showed. We are so happy and will only use this company moving forward if needed.”
Bonnie Grunberg

“Keith was exceptional to work with. He personally took care of almost all insurance company interactions and had my truck “factory finished” in no time at all.”
Zach Sczepkowski

“I have personally have had the privilege to work with Factory Finish multiple times since 2006. They have always done impeccable work with the upmost integrity for us at the auto boutique I would recommend them to anyone needing hail damage repaired or just a small door dent on their vehicle.”
Jeff Knipp